My Vietnamese Adventure

Once I stepped outside of the Ho Chi Minh Airport I immediately felt different. At the time I could not give this feeling a name. I was looking forward to this moment for so long and now I was actually in Vietnam!

I had thought a lot beforehand on how I would feel once I was there in Vietnam, but the feeling I had was completely different.

I was glued to the window of my taxi looking at all the traffic in Vietnam, everywhere you looked you saw scooters zig zagging between each other, this was something you could truly see in Vietnam.

“(…) everywhere you looked you saw scooters zig zagging between each other (…)”


When I arrived at my hostel after the short taxi ride I could still not give this ‘uneasy’ feeling a name. It was only until I laid down on my bed for a second that the feelings and all that had happened really started to sink in. I was in a country I had never been before to do volunteer work in an organisation that I knew nearly nothing about and the in a radium of 9,745 km there was no one I truly knew (and yes I looked up the distance from Belgium to Vietnam at that very moment).

This last fact frightened me at first, this meant that there was no one who could bail me out of a difficult situation or could quickly come to my aid if I would ever need them.

However this put me in the correct mindset. I needed to make this adventure one to remember forever, I knew I was in charge of what I would gain from this experience and I knew that I alone was responsible for the outcome of my volunteering experience.

In the following weeks I met many people and made many friends that I still talk with.

So at the very end of my experience I could safely say that I was in a country where I had many people to turn to if needed.

My Vietnamese adventure could be yours, Volunteer abroad!

– Ruud Reunis

Volunteer in Vietnam Social Health Revolution, Tan Hu’ng, Vietnam

July-August 2018