How to explore yourself in an international environment?

A couple of years ago I found myself wondering if I am a self-aware enough in order to collect something from each and every person I cross and interact with in order to grow.

Finding yourself through others isn’t just a dream, I chose this as my mantra after my teenage years as soon as I realized that I find happiness by being a giver. How often do you take time to appreciate the people around you?

You’re either a giver or a taker and it’s nothing wrong about it.

Going internationally is that moment when you are ready to give up your comfort, your familiar places and faces, your hometown and be vulnerable.

Is it all about self-awareness or is it more about self-discovery while going internationally?

I am now more sure than ever that an international level made me grow and evolve while having to get in touch with different mindsets from all around the world.

AIESEC taught me that working with people with so many different backgrounds can challenge you like nothing else would.

I cannot even imagine my own self-discovery without a bit of international touch.

Being bold and strong starts by going international, seeing and adjusting to cultures and values you never knew you would be able to encounter.

One of my most recent experience was in Malta. A random decision I have made based upon the fact that this could be my last chance to go meet international in my AIESEC environment.

The questions is WHY do meeting people at specific moments in your life will make your decision twist? Because no matter what doubt you have, about travelling or taking the next step forward in your life, the right person at the right moment will make you go explore; yourself through other’s people’s glance and basically through the world.

Exploring yourself is all about seeing the opportunity and grabbing it!

Travel with a purpose by having one big goal, because yes, thinking about YOU is also discovering your own world. Start somewhere and explore !