Boost your soft skills by volunteering abroad

Digitalisation is an important concept nowadays.  Working places disappear as a consequence of the digitalisation trend. According to a study, conducted by the world economic forum, by 2022 it is expected that companies will be looking for employees with soft skills. If you as a student will not adapt to these changes, you will not be able to find the job you want.  It is therefore important for students to acquire those soft skills outside of their studies by engaging themselves in extracurricular activities. One of those extracurricular activities could be volunteering abroad. How can volunteering abroad help you develop those human skills companies are looking for nowadays?

By volunteering abroad you will be able to learn how to communicate with people from a different culture. Communication is a soft skill which is important for companies nowadays and during your volunteering experience you will work in a team or work with people in the NGO there you will automatically learn how to better communicate with the people from your host country.


Besides communication by volunteering abroad you will be able to become more adaptable to difficult situations and learn how to solve problems quickly. You will encounter difficult situations which you are not used to in your home country since you are in a challenging environment. This challenging environment will force you to become more flexible and adaptable.

Moreover, when you go volunteer abroad you will learn how to be proactive. You will engage yourself into developing yourself and the country you are going to. By being proactive you can take the most out of every experience.

Finally, by volunteering abroad you will become more empathic. You will realise that things that we see as a necessity for some people is a luxury. As a consequence when you will be back you will be able to understand other better and be more empathic.


When volunteering you are in a challenging environment which will help you to learn the soft skills that companies are looking for nowadays. So make yourself more employable and live the experience!