What would you wish from Santa?

Santa Claus /ˈsantə klɔːz/ : 

  • a plump white-bearded and red-suited old man in modern folklore who delivers presents to good children at Christmastime —called also Santa

Santa, the white bearded man that has somehow marked our childhood. At the end of each year, all kids from all over the world live with the faith that this intended old man would come to give them presents.


As we grow up, we discover that Santa is nothing but an imaginary character. But, what if he actually existed, what would you wish from him as a grown up? We asked some people and here are the answers that we received:

For Belgium I wish engagement and solidarity from its people, and the self-awareness to recognise its social issues.

– Sarah from Belgium

No more war would be amazing

– Carol from Brazil

I don’t think any adult believes in Santa :)… and If I want I’d wish for a good and happy life with job of my dream, where I absolutely love and Enjoy my work

– Rabir from India

More money, travel tickets and a much more optimistic world.

– Louis from Belgium

I want nothing but a better world , where all humans are united and peaceful

– Asma from Egypt

As we grow up we discover that our concerns upgrade. We start seeking things that even Santa or let’s say ‘our parents’ can not afford for us. We become aware that only we are able to make these wishes happen for ourselves.

Ever Since 1948 , AIESEC has been The Santa Claus for so many Youth around  the world, Being an international youth-driven organisation that exists in more than 127 countries and creates cross-cultural exchanges, AIESEC has made the wishes of so many people come true.


Maybe Santa Claus, being an imaginary character can not achieve our wishes as grown ups, therefore we have to believe that it all lays in our hand!

As most of our interviewee said; a much more self-aware, war-free and less bitter world would be awesome. In AIESEC what we envision is to:


If you’re seeking to become a better version of yourself and not just travel abroad, but develop the world. Maybe, one of our products could help you with this, because in AIESEC you can :

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Remember that in the end, only you are capable to make your wishes come true, it all depends on the steps that you’ll take to achieve it.