Do you really know your world?

It’s Saturday night and you’re wondering what you want to eat? It’s easy: you just have to open your phone and check what you can order. Japanese? Chinese? Italian? Thai? Italian?     Nowadays we have the capacity to enjoy food from around the world without even having to go anywhere, because that food comes […]

Boost your soft skills by volunteering abroad

Digitalisation is an important concept nowadays.  Working places disappear as a consequence of the digitalisation trend. According to a study, conducted by the world economic forum, by 2022 it is expected that companies will be looking for employees with soft skills. If you as a student will not adapt to these changes, you will not […]

5 reasons why travelling with a friend is a good idea

Wanting to explore the world and its horizons is without a doubt on every young adult’s bucket list.  But going to somewhere foreign, however new and exciting it may be, is not something that you might be able to manage on your own unless you are a seasoned traveler. With that, here are 5 reasons […]

My Vietnamese Adventure

Once I stepped outside of the Ho Chi Minh Airport I immediately felt different. At the time I could not give this feeling a name. I was looking forward to this moment for so long and now I was actually in Vietnam! I had thought a lot beforehand on how I would feel once I was […]

5 highlights of my Pura Vida experience!

In the summer of 2016 I had the opportunity to go to Costa Rica for a volunteering internship. I had applied for that project because the dates were a bit flexible, I could choose how long I was going to stay, and because it was a project more related to entrepreneurship and administration. I was […]

Why I Chose to Volunteer

Who are you? I’m Anaïs, currently studying management at Saint-Louis University in Brussels.   Have you always been interested in global issues and wanted to volunteer, or is it recent? I have always been interested in global issues. As a matter of fact, when I was younger, I wanted to be a doctor/lawyer/teacher to be […]

9 people, 6 nationalities and one purpose #youthforhumanrights

After 4 years working in AIESEC in University of Antwerp I thought I knew everything that had to be known about our exchanges, I thought I knew what was going to happen, how I had to deal with the difficulties that might cross my path and I thought a cultural shock would never happen to me.

Global Volunteer – The most beautiful adventure of my life

22nd of June, 10.30pm. It was exactly 24 hours before I was leaving our Belgian territory and started my AIESEC journey in Peru; it was 24 hours before the start of an experience which turned out to be a life-changing and – so far – the most beautiful adventure of my life. I felt every nerve in my body, I was super nervous.