9 people, 6 nationalities and one purpose #youthforhumanrights

After 4 years working in AIESEC in University of Antwerp I thought I knew everything that had to be known about our exchanges, I thought I knew what was going to happen, how I had to deal with the difficulties that might cross my path and I thought a cultural shock would never happen to me.

How to explore yourself in an international environment?

A couple of years ago I found myself wondering if I am a self-aware enough in order to collect something from each and every person I cross and interact with in order to grow. Finding yourself through others isn’t just a dream, I chose this as my mantra after my teenage years as soon as […]

Changing the world : a dream or a reality ?

Everyone of us has that dream of changing the world , but are we really doing something about it ? If you think that liking a post on facebook or changing your profile picture can turn tables then you’re wrong !  It is undeniable as a truth that youth are the genuine change makers of […]

What is culture shock?

When you ask people to tell you what has been the most amazing thing they have done, most often it is something they have done that took them out of their comfort zone. What has taken you out of your comfort zone? 

The Value of Purpose-Driven Leaders

“The key challenge for business is how do we get more purpose-driven leaders that realise they are there to make a difference in the world”, said Bill George of Harvard Business School at The World Economic Forum, which took place in Davos again this year. “The pressures are greater today than they’ve ever been on CEOs to […]

What would you wish from Santa?

Santa Claus /ˈsantə klɔːz/ :  a plump white-bearded and red-suited old man in modern folklore who delivers presents to good children at Christmastime —called also Santa Santa, the white bearded man that has somehow marked our childhood. At the end of each year, all kids from all over the world live with the faith that this […]