5 reasons why travelling with a friend is a good idea

Wanting to explore the world and its horizons is without a doubt on every young adult’s bucket list.  But going to somewhere foreign, however new and exciting it may be, is not something that you might be able to manage on your own unless you are a seasoned traveler. With that, here are 5 reasons why you should go Dora-the-exploring the globe with a friend who can be your Boots:


1. Finally convincing your parents to let you go on a trip without them

If you have overprotective parents, or if your first trip without them happens to be a whole continent away, chances are that they might be hesitant to allow you to go on a trip alone. Now, of course, there are many important life lessons that one can derive from a solo trip but not everyone is ready to do that from the get-go. Going on a trip with a friend might ease your parents’ worries and leave them feeling reassured. (You’ve finally got a ‘yes’ even if it’s a reluctant one!)


2. Safety and companionship

And reassured they are, for good reason. Travelling with a friend is generally safer than travelling alone. This applies to a myriad of situations. When in a crowded area, especially at typical tourist attractions, you can cover each other’s backs and ensure that no one is trying to pickpocket either of you. You are also less likely to be a target for thieves and scam artists if you are in a pair or in a group. Also, more importantly, when sensing the urgency to pee, you have someone to look after your valuables for you!


3. Two brains is better than one at planning

Surprises and going off the beaten path can be refreshing but planning a proper itinerary is an important thing you should consider, especially on your first trip. A good itinerary involves a huge investment of time and effort. Most of us just don’t have that luxury. With a friend, you can significantly reduce the amount of mental stress in figuring out the cheapest way to get from point A to B or even in simply deciding your destinations.


4. Being able to put your friendship to the test

If the planning process didn’t bring you any closer, then the actual trip surely will. Choosing a friend to go with you on your journey may already be an indicator of your closeness but spending 24/7 with the same friend brings your level of friendship to the next level. You will find new sides to each other, whether good or bad, and by creating memories together, you will forge a deeper connection with them. Granted, the trip may not always be smooth-sailing and there may be quarrels. Yet, once you get over your differences, you are sure to earn a life-long friend!


5. Reduced damage to your bank account

Let’s be realistic. As young adults, we don’t exactly have the resources to travel to every nook and cranny of the globe as much as we’d like to. With a friend, you can open up more opportunities to explore the world simply because there are cost savings when travelling as a pair. This can be in terms of accommodation when splitting the cost of a single room with a double bed or booking an Airbnb apartment. You can save in terms of food too! If you have a smaller appetite or if the portions served are large (or maybe there’s a mouth-watering dessert you want to feel less guilty about), sharing your food is a great way to avoid breaking the bank.



Are you convinced yet to travel with a friend? It’s not too late to find someone to spend a perfect summer vacation together! If you are feeling adventurous already, AIESEC offers volunteering projects in over 126 countries and territories so why not apply with a friend? You can sign up for an account and apply for a project on aiesec.org.